ABC 80s Stuff

The 80s was great time to be alive and abc 80s stuff is now available for people to remember a great decade. 1980s was a time of experimentation and a new age for many different developments. Some people have the opinion that the 1980′s was the decade more commonly known as “the time that fashion forgot” and try to minimize the cultural developments during this time. This sentiment has sometimes gone further and many different shows and and organizations say that 80′s style was a crime of fashion and that 80s movies had simple plots and were not worth watching. But these films and events are much loved through the ages and people continue to want to remember a great time of their lives. Even 80s music was a part of this big transition and is not going to be forgotten. People still look at the time of Reagan and 80s fashion punk fondly and will continue to return to the different trends.

80s movies continue to be popular today. There were a lot of different genres represented. A huge segment of the movies were around teen angst and were made by John Hughes. He was the director of such famous films as ‘The Breakfast Club’ and Mr. Mom. He also did films like Uncle Buck and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. These are classic films that are part of our movie heritage. Scenes from these films are still shown today and include the classic shot from Say Anything where John Cusack is holding a stereo aloft to attempt to get his girl back. Actually, you would not call it a stereo. It should more aptly be named a boom box, to go along with the 80s theme.

80s music is still distinctive today. Groups such as Journey and Bon Jovi were very popular. Some have been able to make the transition such as U2 while others have been lost, such as Gun N Roses. Many of the groups used a lot of electronic music to augment their performances. The drum machine became popular among groups as well as the synthesizer. Many different groups would use a keyboard guitar, a new 80s invention that is no longer played. The musicians would have huge hair and use a lot of make up to create a huge scene. Hip and rap really got a huge boost in the 80s with rappers like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. These groups changed the face of music for the future and allowed for a much wider audience. Also, the CD came out and made distribution of music much easier.

There are a lot of things about the 80′s that people continue to love. It was definitely a time of experimentation with new materials, new media, new music and new fashions. People used the higher tech materials and changed how things were done. Many new processes were developed for good and bad uses. This made for some interesting 80s fashions as well as other practices. But change is always good and can be remembered fondly. ABC 80s stuff is a great place to help remember the 80s and be a part of history.