The 80s Fashion

The 80s fashion treands were a product of period of experimentation with fashion and a new age for many different developments. There are many people who have the opinion that the 1980’s was the decade more commonly known as “the time that fashion forgot.” This sentiment has sometimes gone further and many different shows and and organizations say that 80’s style was a “crime of fashion”€™ since many of the trends did not make it out of the decade. But hip hop 80s fashion clothes are not going to be forgotton and still can be a lot of fun, especially for special events. People still enjoy the look of the time of Reagan and 80s fashion punk will continue to be remebered fondly as the country and society transitions to different trends.

There are many different items that epitomize 80s mens fashion. There are the items such as the ‘shell suits’ which were basically workout clothes. These nylon outfit had matching tops and bottoms that tended to be very colorful. There were meant to be gym outfits but then they became everyday lounge wear. Another item that is still remembered are the leggings. These items clung to the legs in a tight lycra or spandex material and allowed women to stay warm while still showing off their legs. These also allowed for leg warmers, a huge part of hip hop 80s fashion clothes. Leg warmers are on the key components of any classic 80s fashion get up. A lot of people wore spandex in the 80s. For some reason it was ok for a guy to wear spandex bike shorts around town. It seems as thought people enjoyed showing off their stuff to everyone through the material.

One of the biggest fads and trends of the age were the acid washed jeans. These jeans were bleached with acid in order to make them white in patches. There were also available torn up, a fashion statement of the 80s. Hair was also a big part of 80s fashion punk. Many people would die their hair or spike it up in order to be counter culture. There were always a ton of punks that wore outrageous hair dos. Most of the time these people had neon colored hair and spent a huge amount of time getting their hair perfect. One offshoot of this was the poodle perm. This was a regrettable fashion trend that no one really liked, but is easy to do if you are interested in looking like the 80s.

There are a lot of things about 80’s fashion that people continue to love. Many of the different items such as the leg warmers and acid washed jeans will probably not make a comback. But it is impossible to know since bell bottoms came back as ‘boot cut’. Some parts of 80s mens fashion are likely never to come back, such as the spandex. These items and fashions were a big part of the 80s fashion treands that some people love and may come around again.