The 80s games part 2

With the emergence of arcades in the 1980s, players were able to try 80s classic games, such as Donkey Kong and Star Wars. These 80s video games were not only games, but also a part of popular culture as well. Many of them were based, however loosely, on films or other points of pop culture reference. This connection led to crossover of fans as new people came to the arcades to play games. The arcade culture grew immensely in the 1980s as it was a cheap form of entertainment that could be enjoyed by both adults and children. Some of these games became so popular that movies were even made from the games, as in the case of Donkey Kong.

One of the best classic 80s arcade games was Donkey Kong. The game was developed in Japan and is loosely based on the King Kong movie. One of the reasons the game was successful was that Donkey Kong was one of the first 80s video games to feature a story line and included breaks where animation helped to tell the story. The game play does not afford many choices to a player, but the varying degree of difficulty makes the game very fun to play. Essentially a platform game, the goal is to move the player, Mario, from the base of the screen to where the damsel is being held captive at the top. The platforms have ladders and a player must use a combination of these ladders and jumping to make his way up to the top of the scree. To make things more difficult, there are many obstacles and the villain, Donkey Kong, continuously hurls barrels at the player. In addition to the arcade version, the gaming console versions were also a hit as many players found little difference between playing the two classic 80s games. This game has also enjoyed a revival in popularity due to the success of The King of Kong, a documentary film that follows a player as he attempts to get the highest recorded score of all time.

Another one of the classic 80s arcade games is Star Wars. The game was made as part of the movie franchise and allows players to relive the scene where the Death Star is attacked. In the game, a gamer plays the role of Luke Skywalker and must command a fighter spacecraft through different levels. Star Wars is set in a first person viewpoint and the player must avoid all the obstacles to advance to the next levels. It is not necessary to shoot and destroy everything. The game was popular for many reasons. One such reason was the connection with the movie Star Wars. This movie is one of the most popular of all time and fans of the movie who were also gamers naturally flocked to the game. In addition, the game used graphics that were different from any other game and thus created a different playing experience. According to some sources, Star Wars is the fourth most popular arcade game ever, joining the ranks of such classic 80s games as Pac-Man and Centipede. 80s classic games are considered to be the pinnacle of the arcade culture.